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Go Outside For The Day, Inside For A Show

July 15, 2018
Category: Tourist Attractions

If you are staying at Myrtle Beach and looking for things to do in the area, here are a few suggestions for planning your perfect day. You can start out by visiting one of South Carolina’s beautiful state parks, Myrtle Beach State Park. Located at 4401 South Kings Highway, it rests nestled up against the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a quiet and a surprisingly green maritime forest, providing educational opportunities, a nature trail and some of the most fantastic surf fishing in South Carolina. If you are an early riser, you can view some of the most stunning ocean views at sunrise, captivating your imagination as the sunlight trickles in over the waves. If you are not one to rise before the sun, however, the views are no less stunning throughout the day. Also, if surf fishing is not quite for you and you would rather be a bit further elevated, there is the Myrtle Beach Pier located within the state park which also offers a great fishing site as well. Kick off your shoes and plunge your toes into the wonderful sand as you mosey along the beachfront, soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash against the shoreline. Meander your way back in under the towering trees that provide excellent shade and a respite from the sun, following your way along the nature trail as you make your way back. Should you decide to stay, there are 204 campgrounds in amongst the 312-acres of land that make up the state park. Their outdoor wildlife habitat is complete with a butterfly garden, bird feeders, and birdhouses that make for an attractive place for the local avian population to rest for viewing.

As the sun begins to lower over the horizon and you find yourself looking for someplace to relax, why not consider the Carolina Opry? Originally started in 1986 as a one thousand seat venue, the Carolina Opry was combined with the Dixie Jubilee and modified to a two-thousand-two hundred seat, state of the art showplace that brings together the best of both shows. This collaboration resulted in what is now one of the highest rated Broadway venues along the east coast, and #1 in South Carolina year after year. Winning accolades and awards, they put on over nine thousand shows a year, with a variety of shows from music, dance, magic and, yes, lasers. Come see why this is one of the hottest venues South Carolina has to offer. They are located at 8901 South Kings Highway and open for days with shows. Visit to find out when the next show will be during your stay.

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