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Enjoy Fishing at Myrtle Beach

May 15, 2018
Category: Tourist Attractions

For anyone who shares a passion for fishing, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to vacation for you. This beach is a renowned area for fishing of all kinds. From pier fishing to deep sea fishing, it is seemingly endless as to what method you choose to fish. Within the area, there are even charter boats available to guide those who may not be very experienced in the sport of fishing. Visit Myrtle Beach today, and enjoy spending a day fishing along the coastline.

About Myrtle Beach

There are many popular areas to go fishing while in Myrtle Beach. There are 8 piers in particular that are renowned for fishing. These piers are as follows: Cherry Grove Pier, Apache Pier, 14th Avenue Pier, 2nd Avenue Pier, Springmaid Pier, Myrtle Beach State Pier, Surfside Beach Pier, and Garden City Pier. Each one of these places is an excellent place to fish in Myrtle Beach. Please note: a fishing licence is required for all types of fishing in the area. For those visiting the area, information on how to obtain a fishing license while visiting Myrtle Beach can be found here.

There are many highlights to fishing in Myrtle Beach. Many charter experiences provide supplies for fishing in saltwater conditions, but for those who wish to fish independently, the Myrtle Beach home website features a page devoted to advice on fishing in the area. This advice ranges from the sort of equipment to use, which locations in Myrtle Beach accommodate fishing, and where and how to obtain a fishing license while in the area. The page even includes annual fishing events held within Myrtle Beach. More information about this page can be found here.

Many who fish in Myrtle Beach are typically fishing for Black Sea Bass, Triggerfish, or King Mackerel. These saltwater fish are common finds throughout the year in Myrtle Beach, and many who enjoy fishing on the piers report seeing Dolphins while waiting for their catch.

Each of the fishing piers mentioned above are located along the coastline of Myrtle Beach. Most charter services are typically located within the same vicinity. In addition to this, the Sea Horn Inn & Suites is located conveniently within the area of all of these fishing spots, making it the ideal Myrtle Beach hotel to stay in while visiting the area. It can be easily said that the Sea Horn Inn & Suites is the beach hotel in Myrtle Beach, as it offers guest amenities and friendly staffing, as well as the lowest rates available when you book your stay directly online.

Stay at Sea Horn Inn and Suites

Enjoy your stay at the Sea Horn Inn & Suites while fishing at Myrtle Beach. Conveniently located within the area of the hotel, Sea Horn Inn & Suites offers the lowest rates available when you book directly at: